One Little Warrior

The upcoming album “One Little Warrior” has organically turned into somewhat of an epic concept album. It ties together over 10 years of songwriting from Sarah Baxter, in what has become a visual and auditory journey.

The album has an underlying theme of hardship and triumph, with each song having it’s very own artwork attached to it, making the album more of a story than just a collection of songs.

The artwork has been done by the amazing artist ‘Caroline Mudge’, whom Sarah discovered by chance in an art gallery in far North Queensland. “I saw her work and I couldn’t stop smiling! Her style and skill perfectly matched what I wanted to capture visually,” says Sarah. Sarah contacted Caroline who was eager to be a part of the project, and the result was better than they could have hoped for.

The album has truly evolved into it’s own unique production.

Artwork from “One Little Warrior”

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